I’m not dead or anything….

Just very busy at the moment looking after my grandfather who is not doing very well. His breathing has got a lot worse in the past couple of months and now there is more pains and aches from him on a daily basis.

Still working away, 9-5. Sometimes being at work can distract me from the issues that is going on at home, but at the same time, I want to be home to look after him.

Everything has taken a bit of a backseat for a while. Nologam has taken a bit of a backseat and I have put another admin in charge for a while. Gaming is just non-existent at nights now, but if I can play for about 10 mins, then I am happy.

There isn’t really much I can talk about other than what I have already mentioned, but for more active comments about what is happening, I am on the Twittering machine, @PadraigFahy

Thank you :)


I love my community!

Would you believe it, but Nologam is nearly a year old already. It has grown up so fast, that I have actually lost track of what’s happening and that is…sorta bad.

In all my time of running a community site like Gamers and Geeks, I have never had this much activity. In nearly 12 months, we have got about 80+ members…not one of them are spam bots…they are genuine people who have signed up to a community and made it what it is today.

In May, I took on a couple of people who were willing to help me with the running of the site, generate some ideas on how to improve the site and even gain new members. It has been the best decision that I have made and it was worth it. They have put in a lot of effort with the site and I greatly appreciate it. It’s so great to have someone, at least one person, to help with something as big as a community.

Now, I am meeting new people everyday and they are willing to help me with improvements, from a server refresh to re-branding Nologam just makes me want to cry in happiness.

I had lost track of what happened with my community when I left for London last Monday when I didn’t have access to a computer for most of the week and then getting sick when I came back, but the community still went on without me and it felt awesome that I didn’t have to be there to keep the site going.

Back when I was trying to get Gamers and Geeks off the ground…I would spend hours on end trying to get genuine members on the site, but it never worked…with Nologam, it has.

So, here is a tip from me in order to get a community going: Get a friend, get talking and make awesome. A community is not just about YOU. It’s about everyone around you also.

Join the community at http://nologam.com – Follow Nologam on Twitter: @Nologam
Follow Padraig on Twitter: @FahyIE

New Emails!

Over the past couple of ideas, I have noticed that I get a lot of emails in my inbox and it can hard to filter through the newsletters, mailing list and “<x> went live on Twitch” emails” to get my emails, so I have done a couple of changes.

All my personal stuff (Social Media, sites-that-don’t-fit-into-the-other-categories, general emails) is now padraig@padraigfahy.com
All my gaming related stuff (Game accounts, gaming websites, gaming forums etc) will all go to gaming@padraigfahy.com
All my technology related stuff (Mailing lists for Ubuntu, Valve (Servers) and GitHub/GitLab) will all get moved to tech@padraigfahy.com

Yes, that means that I will have to look at more inboxes on a daily basis and I don’t mind that at all. This is just to help “de-clutter my inbox” which I personally everyone should do every so often.
This is the first time that I have properly sorted my inbox in since my Gmail account was opened in 2009! That is a lot of emails!

Want to chat? Email me, padraig@padraigfahy.comĀ 

And follow on Twitter while your at it! @FahyIE